Hire my ears.
Nil Hartman
While I'm first and foremost an artist, I'd be delighted to master your upcoming releases.
I also believe in sharing knowledge and I genuinely enjoy teaching / coaching. Over the years, I've developped an accute pedagogic intuition to meet - and exceed - your expectations.
Computer musician Mastering engineer Ableton Certified Trainer
Mastering is about quality control and adding that final touch that turns your mix(es) into a record : that’s what I offer here. Using all my skills, sensibility and experience to do so.
Your mix tells me what to do, I follow the music to make it shine.
I rely on a trusty monitoring environnement (Amphion monitors & amp, Audeze headphones, carefully tuned acoustic treatment) and a curated selection of the finest plugins (by DMG Audio, Massenburg DesignWorks, Tokyo Dawn Labs and Tone Projects…).
Selected Mastering Works
Rate • 75€ per track. Revision(s) included as long as they don’t require a new mix. • 100€ for stem mastering. • 25€ for mix consultation. • 25€ for a CD DDP. Invoice as a .pdf file included
Delivery format • 24 bit / mix sample rate wav file, unless requested otherwise. • 16 bit 44,1kHz wav files and mp3s on demand I can’t cut laquer or dub-plates but will provide vinyl-ready masters when asked.
Turnover A matter of days most of times but please, let’s plan way ahead whenever possible and discuss.
Disclaimer • I favor emails (Français & English) as we can both refer to what’s written. • Sessions are unattended. • Sessions files aren’t for sale : all I deliver are the audio files • Credit me as follow : Mastering by Nil Hartman.